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About Us

About Earthgen Tech

Earthgen Technology was founded in 2017 and originated from the Department of Aeronautics at NCKU. We apply drone technology to replace human labor in pesticide spraying, combined with agricultural data and AI analysis, to create an "aerospace" and "agriculture" cross-field integration. We have 10 years of experience in drone design and manufacturing and possess various know-how and patents. Each UAV is built by professionals with specialized backgrounds and experience.

At present, we have seven locations in Taiwan, with customers throughout Taiwan. Recently, we expanded our export business and have customers in Europe and Africa. We plan to expand the footprint of Earthgen drones to the entire world.


In addition to our performance, our capabilities have also been recognized: after being featured in National Geographic Magazine in 2021. Furthermore, we received investment from North American venture capital 500 Global in 2022.


Through our unique spraying method - agricultural drones - and our UAV management system, back-end management system, matchmaking services, and agricultural data analysis, Earthgen Technology tackles the various challenges faced by rural areas around the world. While solving the problem of labor shortages in rural areas, we also provide smart agricultural solutions for sustainable lifestyles, including reduced pesticide use, precision agriculture, carbon reduction, and protection from pesticide hazards.

Our Services

Our Features



Information Security


Technical Support

Earthgen Tech is Taiwan based company, hence we can avoid information security problems. We also have an information security management system.

We provide agricultural drones ODM & OEM and technology transplantation services.

We can customize our drone base on your needs.

The Earthgen tech team provides professional technical support.


ADDRESS: Rm. 321, 3F., No. 6, Sec. 1, Guiren 13th Rd., Guiren Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

[ National Science and Technology Council -

Cyber Security & Smart Technology R&D Building]

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